At this website Im proud to present to all of you my collection of original art and photos, for «stargazing» or buying the art if you want to. I am especially proud of it, because so many times up through my years and well many times like a normal «society-narrative» you hear that you cant work with art, its just something we do on our spare-time, as a hobby, even though you see people work with art and other people enjoying this art everywhere in the society, haha, its quite funny and weird that thing. Well, dont listen to everything you hear, and obstacles are there to challenge you and then to be overcomed!

But anyways, I wish you all welcome to my inner world (or view of the world) , maybe it resonates with yours. Maybe it can help you in a way or give you some inspiration in life. And hopefully gives you a good feeling. Or maybe much more exhilerating and as a teaching for me; you can comment and give me a new perspective on my art, and then inspire me to look at the world with somewhat altered glasses than I allready do. Then my art might change some direction, and we are then kind of collaborators! Feel free to mail me regarding the art and the history behind the artworks. Print on demand and shipping available.

Martin Hertzberg Weber

Ogna bluegreen and The Tree of life






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